Data usage is updated every 15 minutes from the network in most cases and is presented to you via your online account as 'Live Data'.

Usage displayed can be delayed by up to 48 hours as the call details are processed and provided to us directly from the network. 

To view your itemised usage, simply log into the 'My Account' section of the website and select the service number you wish to view the usage for.

You will note that there are three different usage meters there displaying three different types of records: 

The first being the 'Live Data Guide' ( indicators of your usage from the network, not used to invoice you with)  , the second 'Current Included Value'  (your current usage from your standard call allowance) and finally, the 'Current Data Used' ( the billable itemisation for the data use).

Note: The 'Current Included Value' and also the 'Current Data Used' are both itemised billing records and so can take up to 48 hours to be received from the network and will be used when invoicing. 

 Usage made while roaming may take up to 7 weeks to be sent from the international carrier.  .