Over the coming months, we’ll be working with Optus to make some changes to the 3G network to future proof the 4G and 5G network experience for our customers.

This change may be a little disruptive for some customers. However, we’re here to help you along the way to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Any device that uses the 3G network may be impacted by the upcoming changes. This means that some devices may no longer be compatible with the Optus network and customers might experience disruptions with their Vaya service beyond April 2022.

Most phones recently purchased or for sale in Australia will be able to continue accessing the network. However, we want to make sure your device will continue to operate on the parts of the 3G network that will remain open. If you think you may be impacted, it is important to check your device specifications to make sure it will remain compatible on the Optus Network.


The frequencies you should check that your device supports to ensure ongoing network compatibility are:

  • 3G Network 900 MHz (UMTS/W-CDMA Band 8)
  • 4G Network 700 MHz (LTE Band 28)

Device specific compatibility information should be available on your device manufacturers website by checking the specification guide of your respective device.

In most cases, frequency information will be located under a section titled Mobile and Wireless or Networks & Connectivity.

If you’re unable to find the correct information for your device online you’ll need to contact your device manufacturer directly.

Here is an example on how to verify device compatibility:

If you were using an iPhone SE, you’d head to Apple’s website and view the specifications guide of the device, making sure the frequencies above were listed on the specs guide.

In this instance, the iPhone SE would remain compatible, as the 700 MHZ (LTE Band 28) and 900 MHZ (UMTS/W-CDMA Band 8) are both listed on the specs guide under the Mobile and Wireless section.


If your device is no longer compatible, you’ll need to purchase a new compatible device to avoid any disruptions to your amaysim service beyond April 2022.

We strongly recommend purchasing a 4G VoLTE compatible device to future proof your mobile experience.

Most phones available today or sold recently in Australia fully support the Optus Mobile Network. Here are some examples:

  • Apple iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer (minimum iOS 10.2.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, and newer
  • Google Pixel 3 and newer
  • LG G5, HTC 10 & U11, Sony Xperia XZ
  • Nokia 225 4G, Optus X Lite 4G


Q. Why do I need 3G if my phone is 4G?

This is important to ensure you have coverage for making voice calls. Even if you have a 4G phone, it will switch back to 3G to make a voice call.

Q. Why do you recommend 4G 700MHz?

This is important to ensure you have the best data coverage. There are several different frequencies used for 4G, with 700MHz (LTE Band 28) being the one in most places and providing the widest coverage.

Q. Why do you recommend VoLTE?

This is important to ensure your phone can make voice calls on 4G in the future. You may have heard of VoIP for your home phone and NBN. VoLTE is a similar thing but for mobile and will allow your phone to make a voice call on 4G. You might see it called HD Voice elsewhere. Our calls on 3G are already High Quality, and we are due to make VoLTE available to customers in 2022.


If you’re unsure if your device will be impacted or have questions about how this change may impact your Vaya service, please contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to assist.