Transferring your number across to Vaya is a simple process where we port your existing number from your current provider.

Nominate the number you would like to bring across within your application, ensure that you nominate the provider you are transferring from and also the Date of Birth (DOB) or Account number held by your current provider. It is essential that the DOB or Account number provided to Vaya is the same as what's held with your previous provider as this will enable us to move the number across seamlessly for you.

There is no need to disconnect your service with your current provider as once you are connected to our billing platform, your previous provider should automatically arrange to finalise your account for you.

The transfer is processed by Vaya once you have received your new SIM card. Just visit our website and select the 'Activate Service' tab to initiate the connection once you have received your SIM card.

In order to protect our customers from unauthorised ports, an additional identity verification process is used to verify the identity of the person making a porting request, prior to the mobile service number being ported. You'll need to authorise the number transfer by entering a six-digit code which will be sent to your number via SMS. Please keep your phone handy and leave your original SIM in your phone, as the transfer will only kick-off after the code has been successfully verified.

Transfers from Optus or other Optus providers can take anywhere from 2-4 business days whilst transfers from all other providers can take from 1-48 hours to complete.

You can continue to use your existing SIM card until that disconnects (a 'SIM registration failure' error message may appear on the screen of your phone) at which time, you will replace your existing SIM with the Vaya SIM.

Once inserted you should be ready to begin making calls immediately. Data and SMS access will be provisioned within 24 hours of your number being transferred across.